UNICEF – Sociopreneur

Design strategy  |  Naming  |  Visual identity  |  Photography

Design and visual identity for the United Nations Children's Fund, 
an initiative for new sustainable tourism in Nicaragua.


Sociopreneur is an initiative by UNICEF that pioneers the use of social entrepreneurship as a catalyst for solving problems that affect children.

It connects local communities and international actors in a process that generates social value for children against the backdrop of a rapidly growing tourism sector in Nicaragua.


The initiative is a partnership between UNICEF and the first luxury boutique hotel in Central America, Mukul, by Nicaraguan conglomerate the Pellas Group.

Natalia Adler, Chief of Policy, UNICEF
Communication & photography:
Caroline Bach & Allen Kennedy

Word candy about the project on
UNICEF Stories of Innovation


Developing the Brand
On location in Managua, Nicaragua, the project got clarified and goals defined. Through field research in the municipality of Tola, we collected data and conducted interviews with the local community as a base for the design development. 

It was important to create an identity that resonates with both the local entrepreneurs (the main heroes) and the corporates – an icon to be proud of!

3 months later we had a brand that encompasses the concept of being a ‘dual thinker’: a combination of the entrepreneur’s social commitment and drive. 

The concept also extended to the name of the project, conjoining of the words ‘social’ and ‘entrepreneur’.

As for the logo? two iconic symbols merged together
in harmony; the heart and fire.



Press conference

Carlos Hernandez (CEO, Pellas Development Group)
and Philippe Barrage-Bigot (UNICEF Representative),
introduce the initiative to the media.

The event concluded in the signing of the MoU
between both organizations.