Behind the Form


Camila Garay.
Design & Art Direction.

Camila has always wanted to change the world, or at least come up
with some nice designs. Today she goes about it by communicating ideas visually. Giving people the right tools to define who they are fills her with that warm and fuzzy feeling inside - the very reason she specialised in visual identity and brand development.

Raised by wolves in the forests of Bolivia, just kidding. Raised in Sweden, Camila has sweated pearls of creativity as Art Director in the advertising world, from vibrant South Africa (Ogilvy), the United Arab Emirates (BBDO), to USA and Latin America (UNICEF). 

Based in New York, working with UNICEF at the United Nations.


Meaningful Simplicity.

Standing out and making a difference is done by keeping things simple, that’s why Camila design things with an essence of meaningful simplicity. It’s a kind of self-coined, zen-like understanding that a piece has no need to shout when speaking for itself will do.